Friday, December 25, 2009

Candy-Stripe Cookie Sticks

cute looking stick
lacking in taste
hope the calories
don't go to your waist

overall rating: 3.88

ease to make: -5
clean up: 2

is this really a recipe that you're going to ever want to make again?
i wanted to pull my hair out
i wanted to burn the cookie book
i got so angry i shut the oven off, with cookies baking in it and went to bed
i have vowed, never, ever again.

here is how the recipe goes:
1) make batter (still happy)
2) take out some batter and dye it red (still happy, as long as you don't spill the dye in the grout lines of your counter like me, getting grumpy)
3) make (i can't believe i actually did this) a 3x6" stencil for your cookies
4) put batter in rectangle stencil, spreading out evenly as you can. THEN make diagonal striped lines with the red dough
5) bake for 6-7 min, pull out of oven, burn fingers on hot dough and roll into cylinders

it was *so awesome,* please note my sourpuss attitude.

and to top it off they were boring cookies! for all that effort, if yo'ure going to make them (exclusively for the color, like i did) stuff a little nutella in the middle as a little flavor is needed.
this is messing up again...and again... and again...
think how many minutes wasted...(you only make 2-3 cookies at a time)

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